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On the VFX page, I’ve posted an updated VFX Demo Reel for 2013. Check it out!

A new year, a new site redesign!

The last couple of years have been very busy with a new job as Lead Visual Effects Artist at Pipeworks Software in Eugene, OR and many new projects under my belt. Unfortunately, in all of the work, my portfolio site has languished, unchanged. Over the next few weeks, expect that to change!

I’ve made the jump to a WordPress based site and I’ll be porting over all of my old work and updates as well as getting my new stuff up and creating an honest to goodness VFX demo reel. Along with that, I’ll be updating my Resume and About Me sections as well, so look for new information soon!

I’ve been busy with work, but I’ve finally gotten around to that update I promised last time! The effects work I did on Ricochet for last years E3 are now up in the visual effects section. There are also a few general effects I’ve added for as of yet unannounced titles which should be making an appearance at this years E3.

Also new, I’ve added a few new animations to the site in theanimations section that I did on Borderlands but never got around to uploading.

I’ve updated my resume to reflect my effects work on Ricochet, a title which was shown at this year’s E3 by Microsoft as part of the reveal for Project Natal.

I’ve also updated headers in my visual effects and technical sections for work that was done for two titles that shipped this year,Damnation by Blue Omega and Night at the Museum: Battle for the Smithsonian by Pipeworks.

Once I’ve got captures of my effects work done for Ricochet, I’ll get that up as well.

After sorting through my work, I’ve posted up some of my more general effects on some of the titles I’ve worked on this last year (though none have shipped yet, so none of them are titled). Check out the visual effects section to see them.

I’ve also added some shader work done for the same unreleased titles to my technical section.

Merry Christmas! I’ve added a visual effects page to the list of contents on the left, though I’ve not had the chance to sort through my proffessional work to determine what I can post up (many of the projects I’ve worked on have not been released just yet). Work to follow shortly.

The rigs section has also been revised into a technical section to include examples of my shader work and, in the future, to possibly include some scripting work. Again, the examples will follow soon, just laying the ground work for now.

I’m almost consistent… one year… one update. I think I can keep that schedule. Updates to my resume and about me sections to include my latest work with with Liquid Development.

I will also be updating the site over the next couple of days to include a brand new section: Visual Effects! Please, contain your excitement. In addtion, I will be doing some cleaning on some sections to streamline the web site.

Yikes! Almost a year without updates, but I’ve been busy. I’ve updated my resume and about me sections to include my time spent working with Liquid Development as well as my choice earlier this year to join the United States Army Reserve.

I’ve spent the last five months away between Basic Combat Training at Fort Jackson in South Carolina, and Andvanced Individual Training at the Quartermaster School at Fort Lee in Virginia. Now that I’m back, I’ve been assigned to the 396th Combat Support Hospital Reserve Unit in Vancouver, WA.

Work on the 3D aspects of a small project are proceeding nicely. The set is more or less finished, and I am now working on modeling the first of two characters, whom the talented Kevin Deng is doing concept art for.

I hope to have a finished script provided by Edan Koch by the end of the week, and voice talent chosen and recorded in another week or two. I’ve posted up several renders of the set (a bar interior)

Having graduated and taken some time off for relaxation, I am currently persuing work. I am seeking and applying for positions as an animator and / or character rigger at a gaming company. I’m also looking at positions at various animation houses in addition.

I’m also working on a side project which I hope to have something to show for in the near future. At the moment, though, its in early planning and concept stages.